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Why Shipping Containers?

One of the main questions we ask ourselves when we are about to buy a shipping container is if it’s the one. When making a purchase of this magnitude and importance we ask ourselves questions like, “is this a good thing for the Earth? How much do they cost? Can they hold themselves in a storm?” Well, all these questions and more will be answered shortly.

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Roughly 700,000 Shipping Containers are Abandoned Each Year

So what happens to all of that unused iron? Well, it’s simple. Just because you can’t melt down all of that extra metal (requires a lot of energy that could be used for more important things) but we can reuse them for many other uses such as gyms, swimming pools, campers, gardens, and countless more ideas. This way we aren’t wasting metals and materials that can’t be given back for other uses.

Shipping Containers are Cost-Effective

Depending on the shipping container that you are buying the prices will vary from relatively cheap to the more expensive side. But it all depends on what you add in it. For example, a plain shipping container used for moving objects is fairly cheap. Even so, they still are very sturdy, flexible, easily portable, and can withstand violent winds or water. Then if you decide you want to use your shipping container for more recreational uses the price could increase slightly. But that’s only if you choose to add additional items to your container, such as A/C, heat, windows, wood floor, and anything else you can think of.

Building Made Easy with Storage Containers

Most of the shipping containers are built to stack up on each other with at least eight units high, and at the same time stand still when struck with strong gusts of wind. Not only that but they are corrosive resistant which means they will be in top condition for years of use. This way anybody anywhere with the need of a shipping container can get one and not worry about the damage through and weather-related accidents.

Shipping Containers are Combustion Proof

What that means is they are perfect places to go when there are any serious conditions. Not only are they practically fireproof but weigh a good amount so you don’t have to worry about being carried away in the eye of a tornado.

The bottom line is that these Conex containers can be used in almost any scenario. They are the perfect size to hold a decent amount of stuff on the inside but at the same time not take up too much space.

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Now that you know all of this information about why to get a Container One shipping container all that needs to be done is for you to shop for a shipping container on our site and purchase the perfect shipping container for any event you want!