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Shipping Container Used as Gyms and Fitness Facilities

One of the many ways shipping containers can be used for alternate uses is for a makeshift gym. Not only are they easy to move around but don’t take up too much space and can hold lots of equipment at the same time. The specialized military shipping container gyms can hold as much as some punching bags, weights, medicine balls, and even an attached basketball hoop. In this list, we will include four reasons why container one shipping containers are the right choice for a gym or fitness center.

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1. Shipping Containers are Strong and Durable

Built in with steel walls and flooring these containers aren’t going anywhere without your consent. Because of its strength, these things can hold several people and all the equipment with room to move.  When a storm appears and your shipping container is just sitting out in the open, you’ll have no fear of it going away. These containers are built to hold tons of weight on shipping boats with rough waters and winds. That way you can have a container for many years even after the paint peels off.

2. Shipping Containers are Eco-Friendly

What gets better than a durable, strong, AND environment-friendly container? Even if you aren’t going to be spending your nights in the container gym it’s good to know that the object you’re spending time in isn’t killing the world we live in. For example, the steel used to create these shipping containers is composed of 3,500 kg worth of reused material. With that being said there are many abandoned containers that haven’t been used. That’s a lot of unused materials.

3. Sensibility of Using Shipping Containers

What’s the point of having all this equipment just to not have it used by many people who want to. Using a tent or tarps to make a makeshift gym would just poorly keep the heat or cold out and would collapse with the smallest gushes of wind. But with a container then you could house countless pieces of equipment with enough room for several people to be in at a time. Plus, they keep out the heat or cold according to the weather.

4. Portability of Shipping Containers

If something were to arise and evacuation was necessary, folding up the tent and then moving all of the equipment inside of the shipping container would just take too much time. By following these simple rules you can have your shipping container gym moving in no time:

  1. Instead of welding the container to the foundation with which it is on, bolt it down. This way you can quickly detach the container quickly while not fearing if it would collapse or possibly fall over in a storm.
  2. Try not to cut as much of the shipping container as possible. The less you cut the better. This way it can stay as sturdy as possible in case of abrupt weather change.

Container One Shipping Containers

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Author: Marisa Troncale