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This Shipping Container Pavilion near a Taiwanese Basketball Court is a Slam Dunk


Sometimes it gets hot outside and you just need a place to sit back and relax in the shade. This is especially true when sports are involved. French architecture firm Atelier Let knows all about it and built this super cool pavilion in Taiwan using shipping containers for just that reason.

Basketball Shade and Shelter Using Shipping Containers Near Taiwan

Simply called Cool Cool Seaside, the pavilion provides shade and shelter for two basketball courts near tin Kaohsiung City, Taiwan. The structure was commissioned by the city’s Urban Projects Bureaus, with the hopes that it would revitalize the surrounding square that borders the nearby docks. The horizontal, blue steel bars are an eye-catching touch that brightens the pavilion.

Constructed Using Three Shipping Containers

Cool Cool Seaside is constructed from three shipping containers at the site of the two basketball courts. The pavilion is raised off the ground by a series of steel beams. The sides stretch outwards into overhangs that act as canopies for a shaded, concrete seating area below. The three shipping containers serve as a reminder of the site’s history as a Japanese rail yard during Japanese colonialism and the occupation of Taiwan.

Cool Cool Seaside seeks to unify residents and tourists and inspire happiness in the community. A member of the local street art group the called Warriors called Bamboo Yang painted the courts to create further harmony between the pavilion’s colors and those of the surrounding area.

A simple touch of color and a cool place to rest go a long way towards keeping a community feeling together and energized.

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