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This Beirut Nightclub Takes on a Chic Shipping Container Aesthetic

When it comes to chic nightclubs, shipping containers may not be the first things to come to mind, but this chic Lebanese club has gone above and beyond to provide exactly that aesthetic. Rabih Geha Architects put their minds to work and put together a beautiful shipping container-style nightclub on the waterfront right in the heart of Beirut.

Constructing a Shipping Container Nightclub

By using layers of perforated steel to divide up the interior, the nightclub, called 2 WEEKS, takes on a cool and relaxed industrial mood. To create the super sleek design, the Lebanese entertainment company, Add-Mind Group, teamed up with Rabih Geha Architects and set the whole plan in motion.

Formerly an abandoned restaurant, 2 WEEKS, was designed and created in only two months’ time. To be able to create such a stunning finished project in a short timeframe, the architects utilized as much of the original layout as possible. Previous walls in the club had decayed from several years of neglect and were left looking raw, adding to the clubs intended industrial aesthetic. A wall of webbed black steel was then inserted to separate the main bar from the DJ booth and seating area.

The signature webbed walls give the nightclub its desired shipping container style. Guests in the inner sanctum can peer out towards others near the seating area and two additional bars. Large windows peek through the breaks in the meshed steel panels, providing a beautiful view of the docks and the waterfront. Who knew that shipping container designs could look so beautiful?

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