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The Benefits of a Shipping Container vs. a Storage Shed

We all need a place to put our things. With limited space in the home, oftentimes it becomes necessary to use some form of external storage for the tools and items that we don’t use on a day to day basis but use enough to warrant keeping them long-term. Traditionally, homeowners have turned to backyard wooden storage sheds to keep their garden tools, car parts, and pool equipment exposing them to extreme temperatures and weather, but what if I told you that there was a more effective solution? Shipping containers turned storage containers, are indeed that better solution.

So, you may be wondering, why are storage containers better solutions? In the first place, storage containers are much more durable and sturdier than storage sheds. Storage sheds have traditionally been made with wood, exposing them to risks of pests like termites and ants. A shipping container, by comparison, is made up of a combination of sturdy, heavy-duty metals and materials that keep it free from pets. Though some modern storage sheds are being made with acrylic rather than wood, most cost-effective sheds are wooden and come with risks.

Additionally, wooden sheds, because of the organic material, maintain the risk of rot and structural deterioration over time. With exposure to dampness and rain, wooden sheds can slowly come to collapse over the years as the wooden structure begins to rot from the ground up. Shipping containers, on the other hand, are free from all that trouble. Containers shield inside contents from weather and condensation, so that the issues never arise. Temperature controlled containers are also an option for protecting your precious belongings. By keeping the internal temperature from becoming too hot or too cold regardless of the outside temperature, a container keeps all of your items safe from mold, mildew, and rot.

Further, shipping containers are incredibly inexpensive and mobile. There is no need to accept the cost to build a storage shed in your backyard when you could simply transport an inexpensive container. The containers require less time and fewer materials to keep. And, possibly the best of the benefits, upon moving from your home, you can take your shipping container with you to wherever it is you are traveling to. The storage container then doubles as a shipping container, becoming an all-in-one solution to your moving and storage needs.

No matter what your particular needs are for storage, a container will always be a cost-effective option. A backyard storage container could provide all of the external storage that you need with none of the problems associated with an old-school storage shed.

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