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Tailgating with Shipping Containers


For many people, the shipping container provides more than just a solid means of protection for their items while sending them across the country. For these tailgaters, the shipping container became the base of their barbequing, team-cheering, and comradery pleasure.

Sports Fans Customizing Shipping Containers for Sporting Events

As shipping containers can be transformed into anything, some people have gotten creative and created a tailgater’s dream with containers. With a few simple outfits, some electrical hookups, and a little mechanical work, these solid, sturdy containers became mobile parties for plenty of sports fans.

Some dedicated tailgaters have outfitted their Conex containers with solar panels to provide electricity and keep their electronics working throughout the party. With a tv, minibar, fridge, karaoke, etc., this container setup would make for a great party. 

Others have decked out their storage containers with full bars to keep things exciting. But not everyone needs to go that far with their equipment. Shipping containers are great for simple modifications too. Just make a few adjustments, pack up your grill, and get mobile!

Mobility of Shipping Containers a Benefit

The mobility is one of the best parts. Whenever you need to change locations, just wrap up and move on. Being able to bounce from location to location is a great way to keep the party going and meet tons of new people and sports fans all over. You can also rest assured that if something goes wrong with the area or venue, that your day won’t have to be ruined since you can just change locations.

Another major benefit to the mobile containers is their ability to withstand the elements. With sturdy designs, containers keep all of the tailgating equipment safe during long, bumpy rides, and shields them from harsh climates like strong winds, hail, and rain. You can go pretty much wherever you want and be assured that your container will be solid and ready.

Some companies have even made a business out of outfitting containers and renting them out for mobile parties. The process can also be completely DIY if you’re interested and up to the task. Tailgating will never be the same!

Score Your Own Shipping Container

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