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Starland Yard Brings Food and Shipping Container Fun to Savannah, Georgia

Shipping container business complexes are becoming an increasingly popular thing, as they are being used to breathe new life into long-empty areas of cities.

The Starland Yard in Savannah, Ga. is a new complex that is set to open by the end of July. Starland Yard is located at the corner of De Soto Avenue and 40th Street and is comprised of over 30 shipping containers. It was rumored to be a food truck park, and while food trucks will be present, the complex is intended for much more than that.

The complex will be the home to Vittoria Pizzeria, a new restaurant in town which will be housed in six of the containers, a dessert place called the Pie Society, a stage for live music, a Bocce Ball court, and a full-service bar. The creators are hoping to eventually include small vendors, a farmer's market, and even vintage clothing retailers. The architect for the project, Kevin Rose, said he hopes the complex will become a social hub for the neighborhood.

When you arrive at Starland Yard in Savannah, Georgia, you will be able to open a tab that will cover every establishment in the area, so you do not have to pull out your wallet at all. Of course, if you prefer to pay in cash, that will still be an option as well.

Shipping Container Business Complex in Savannah, Georgia

Ava Pandiani, the General Manager of Starland Yard, said that they plan to offer space for private events. "We are thinking weddings, we are thinking if you want to have your corporate party for something or someone is retiring, you can have your own space."

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Author: Auz Burger