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5 Innovative Ways to Use Shipping Containers for Your Business

There is an overabundance of shipping containers on the market today that are unused and unloved. Fortunately, there are numerous different functions shipping containers provide to help you start a new business or help your business thrive and grow. Best of all, it can be done at a reasonable price. 

Here are 5 ways you can utilize a shipping container for your business: 

1. Restaurants

Shipping Container Restaurants and Pop-Up Cafes | Container One

Shipping container sizes can vary in length, starting at around 20 feet. This is the perfect size for inventive business owners to turn an empty, hollow shipping container into a usable restaurant. Just like a portable food truck, a shipping container can easily contain a kitchen and storage space, usable as a restaurant. To create more space, cut out one face of the shipping container and install hinges to form a seating area for your customers to sit and enjoy their food. 

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2. Workshops

Shipping Container Workshops & Outdoor Sheds | Container On

Whether you’re a carpenter, mechanic, engineer, or builder, a shipping container can be the ultimate way to expand your business space without lengthening your current space or buying another. You can store tools, equipment, install workbenches to craft items, or include machinery to repair vehicles or motorbikes, all safely inside. It is worth noting that before doing this, you should install an adequate ventilation system before you use it. 

3. Pop-Up Shops

Shipping Container Pop-Up Shops for Retail Stores | Container One

It is a current trend among fashion brands and boutiques to deliver pop-up stores in different locations worldwide. If you own a store, a shipping container can be the ultimate space to showcase your products. Rather than paying excessive rent prices in a town or city center, obtain a shipping container for a reasonable price and renovate the inside to make it look attractive and appealing to your audience. There will be plenty of space for shelves and racks to house your items, as well as plenty of storage. 

4. Container Offices

Modern Shipping Container Office Space | Container One

A shipping container as an extra office is a perfect idea for those that need the space and convenience. Maybe you’ve hired some new employees, or your old office now has a different use; if so, then you should be taking advantage of a shipping container. Place your shipping container by your original office or in a new space and continue the same work in a new, fun, and unique area. 

5. Nurseries or Indoor Garden

Shipping Container Farms for Indoor Container Farming & Gardening | Container One

If you’re a botanist, florist, or just love flowers and plants, a shipping container can provide you with the extra space you need. Maybe you’ve just bought a new batch of plants and need somewhere to grow them. You can turn a shipping container into a practical, usable nursery or garden with the correct procedure. Install the necessary lighting and ventilation, and you will be growing flowers and plants in your new garden in no time. 

Growing a business through the use of shipping containers is becoming increasingly popular. Whether you use a shipping container for one of the reasons above or find new, innovative ways to use your own, it is exciting to see how shipping containers will populate the future. Interested in repurposing a shipping container for your business? Browse our collection of shipping containers near you.