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Shipping Containers: Brewing Beer in a Giant Can

Self-brewing craft beer has become popular in recent years, but not everyone has space in their homes to set up a brewery. Shipping containers can offer a solution to that problem. They can be parked on your property, even added to the building itself, or even just put in the driveway. These have also become popular as craft breweries if you want to open a business with your little brewery. Here are some breweries that are in shipping containers.

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Mobile Shipping Container Kegerator in Bend, Oregon

Big Dog Growlers in Bend, Oregon transformed a shipping container into a mobile kegerator. Carolyn Cobb, the owner of Big Dog Growlers, enjoys the freedom of being able to move around her business as she wants to. Everything she needs to brew and serve her craft beer is in the mobile shipping container.

Shipping Container Brewery in Dalston, London

The 40ft Brewery in Dalston, London, was constructed of two 20-foot shipping containers. The interior has smaller, horizontal brewing tanks, and serves its beer out of a 1,000-liter tank. On the second floor is more of the supplies they need to put everything together, like fermentation and mashing.

“The 40FT – our everyday workspace – is converted into a tap room at weekends,” Steve Ryan, from the brewery said. “Empty kegs become seats and tables and we serve our beer directly from our maturation tanks. It’s a place where customers can taste our beers at the source, see where and how it’s made, meet the brewers and try out new test brews.”

Brewing Company Made of Shipping Containers in Bellingham, Washington

Stones Throw Brewing Company in Bellingham, Washington was built using three shipping containers. Part of this container building is the brewery itself, and it also has a taproom.

Shipping Container Brewery in Austin, Texas

512 Brewing is located in Austin, Texas, and they specialize in aging their beer in wooden casks. They require a secure location to store their beer while it ages, so they created a shipping container to store their beer.

Brewery Made of Storage Containers in the United Kingdom

Northern Alchemy is a brewery in the United Kingdom, at Newcastle Upon Tyne, that operates out of a 30-foot shipping container.

BRLO Brwhouse Made of 38 Shipping Containers in Berlin, Germany

The BRLO Brwhouse is in Berlin, Germany and is comprised of 38 shipping containers. It was designed this way because the land it is on will need to be built on in the future, so they could not make a permanent structure. BRLO Brwhouse got the idea after doing a wildly popular pop-up beer garden during a festival, a beer garden that is still popular now at their current location.

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