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Shipping Containers as Farm Outbuildings

Shipping containers have countless uses, including ways to make your farm or ranch run smoother. One huge benefit to using shipping containers for your outbuildings is they are fireproof and storm proof. They can also stand up to earthquakes, which may protect your animals if an earthquake hits your farm.

Here are a few ways you can customize your shipping containers to fit your farm’s needs.


You can easily combine a few shipping containers to turn them into barns. One of the easier ways to do this is to take two 40-foot containers and run them parallel to each other, then add a roof and walls in the empty space between the two containers. From there you can set up stalls for your animals and have them resting safely in a fireproof barn. There are a few other ways of doing this, and ContainerOne offers several customization methods specifically for barns.

Tack Boxes

By using a shipping container as a tack box, you can safely store your horses’ feed and other gear in a completely secure building, and a shipping container will help keep vermin out of your horses’ feed. These containers are big enough that you could use them as a tack box and stall, sectioning off part of it for the horse. It can also be used as a horse trailer and may give your horse a little more space than a traditional trailer would.

Equipment Storage

Whether you just need a storage shed to hold your everyday tools or animal feed, or you need somewhere to park your equipment at the end of the day, a shipping container can make a good storage building. Vermin cannot get into your container when it is closed, and your sensitive equipment is in a dry, secure place.


You can turn a shipping container into a small indoor garden. This is great for when you want to grow season things, like strawberries, in the middle of winter. You can set your little container farm up to meet the conditions are required to make your plant grow, and voila, you have strawberries in the middle of December.

Root Cellar

A climate-controlled shipping container is perfect for a root cellar. You can use these to age wine or cheese, or to store fruits and nuts that require specific temperatures. The best part is you do not have to bury it. Your container can stay above ground, giving you easier access, and it will still maintain the temperature you need for your products. You can bury a shipping container, but there are certain things that need to be reinforced before you do so.

ContainerOne offers many customization options for containers, so you can get your barn, home, or shed delivered to fit your needs exactly. From movie theaters to gardens, art studios to homes, the only limit is your imagination! Visit today for more information on our products, excellent financing options, and our quick deliveries nationwide.