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Shipping Container Movie Theaters

Shipping containers can be turned into almost anything with a little creativity, including movie theaters. All over the world shipping containers are being repurposed as movie theaters on both large and small scales, for special events and to bring more affordable theaters to areas that do not have access to traditional theaters.

Shipping Container Cinema

Shipping container cinema is also an affordable option for people looking to create their own home theater. You just need a screen, seating, and some ventilation and you can watch films in a more theater-like atmosphere right from home. You will want to use some sound absorbing panels in your home theater since the steel surfaces reflect sound. Carpet is one of the best ways to help you absorb sound, and depending on your budget, you can carpet the walls and ceiling of your container to ensure it is all well-padded. Instead of carpeting the entire container, you can hang heavy curtains or paintings, or even just put up some shelving.

100 Shipping Container Movie Theaters in Russia

In Russia, a film company financed a project to build a chain of 100 affordable, five-screen movie theaters in smaller towns that did not already have theaters of their own. These towns all had a population of less than 100,000. Approximately one-third of the population in Russia does not have access to any movie theater, and the entire country has less than one-tenth of the number of movie theaters in the United States. Each of these theaters took only two weeks to construct and cost $295,000 USD, significantly less than a traditional theater would cost to construct. The theaters were intended to help support the local Russian film industry, offering a smaller number of foreign films.

Mini Shipping Container Movie Theaters in New York

A series of miniature movie theaters was created in New York, with space for 18 people and air conditioning. They were created to screen a short film series that USA Network put together that focused on interesting personalities of both real and fictional people. After the film series was screened the “viewing pods” were taken to San Francisco, California, Chicago, Illinois, and Los Angeles, California.

New York was also the home of the Cinema House, a mini theater created out of a 20-foot shipping container that fit only six people at a time. It was created by LG and Dolby to give moviegoers a more immersive experience.

40 ft. Shipping Container Movie Theaters in Vancouver, Canada

When Vancouver, Canada was preparing to host the 2010 Olympics, a group of artists put together two 40-foot shipping containers for a traveling film house. It could fit 25 people at once and it screened films about dance, sports, and movement. The exterior of the mobile theater was painted by local graffiti artists as a local art piece.

Rhode Island Movie Theaters Constructed of Storage Containers

During a summer in Rhode Island, two containers were stacked together to hold a large movie screen, creating a drive-in theater for beachgoers.

Container One Shipping Containers

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