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Multi-Story Parking Garages Turned into Shipping Container Apartment Blocks

As the need for space and affordable housing continues to grow over the years, builders are looking up, building upwards, and utilizing all of the resources available to them. Shipping containers are becoming a valuable resource for innovative solutions to affordable housing around the world. This case is no different. Innovators are planning to upcycle old shipping containers into sturdy, stylish, and comfortable apartments by using the framework of an old parking garage. It’s truly amazing.

Parking Garages Turned Shipping Container Apartments

Created by the American firm, KTGY Architecture + Planning, the plans for the shipping container apartment complex called Park House are coming along nicely and look promising. The industrial shipping containers will be arranged and placed into slots on the repurposed, multi-story parking garage to create cozy, little apartments for future residents. Expected to provide a solution to the current housing crisis as well as be a powerful example for environmental solutions in modern housing, Park House has big plans and plenty of people excited to see them come to fruition.

KTGY states that “KTGY’s R+D Studio proposes a system that not only repurposes these parking garages for much-needed housing but does so using repurposed storage containers that can be simply ‘plugged in’ to maximize efficiency and minimize the disruption to the existing context.”

Shipping Container Apartment Units

Each apartment unit is expected to combine three industrial shipping containers together into one 960 sq. ft apartment with bathroom and kitchen facilities. According to KTGY, the container side panels would be removed and reinforced with steel beams and prefabricated walls, and then separating the space into different rooms. With young professionals and first-time buyers in mind, these apartments sound like a dream come true. With sound building designs and excited onlookers, Park House is expected to blow you away.

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