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London Plans to Build Largest Shipping Container

Shipping Container Building PlanLondon is set to be the home of the world’s tallest shipping container building, named 118 VR. The building is planned to be 85-feet-tall, with nine floors, and it will have solar panels on the top, giving the building sustainable power.

The building is being designed and built by Patalab Architecture, and they plan to keep the industrial look of the shipping containers, while softening it a little. The containers will be stacked with a steel frame to give them better structural support. There will be glass balconies facing out on each floor. Inside the building will have an open-plan office space. Every floor will be lined with corrugated metal, keeping that industrial look.

"We pushed the sustainability aspect by providing a highly insulated envelope and integration of renewables, achieving BREEAM excellent rating," Uwe Schmidt-Hess, founder of Patalab Architecture, said. "Alongside sustainability, an ethos of affordability and flexibility is hardwired into our design.”

With sustainability being such an important part of this structure, it will be made almost entirely of recycled material. The building will be fabricated offsite, where the containers will be cut as needed and put together when they arrive. The construction costs are currently estimated to be 30 percent less than they would be if the building was made from traditional materials.

It is set to begin construction this fall, and it is estimated that it will take nine months to complete, though a specific start date has not yet been set.

Patalab thinks that this structure will help advance shipping container architecture, making them be viewed as more permanent structures.


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Author: Auz Burger