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Edinburgh Park Combines Art and Architecture with Shipping Containers

Office buildings made from shipping containers are nothing new, nor are art pieces made from them, but an office building and sculpture made from shipping containers is a new, interesting combination. Edinburgh Park in Scotland is a new office park that commissioned artist David Mach to design something that would catch the eye. This is the first building Mach has designed and it may be unveiled as early as next spring.

Mach is using 36 storage containers to design the building, painting them bright red to be eye-catching, and arranging them in a way that resembles a toppled Jenga tower but, Mach says he designed it to look like a giant heap of rocks on the Fife coastline that he visited when he was a child. When finished, the building will be 50 feet high and 164 feet long; it will have an exhibition gallery, workspaces, and a cafe. The exhibition space will be positioned at the heart of the building, and it is intended to showcase a wide array of art.

The building is going to be named Mach 1, and it will be the marketing suite for the Edinburgh Park, which sits on 43 acres. Also, in the Park will be a public square, stores, restaurants, a health center, and sports facilities.

Unique Architecture Using Shipping Containers 

“There is quite a dramatic shape to the building,” Mach said. “It will be something that you really notice. It is a building that really makes a statement about itself. It will be painted one colour, possibly with a reference to that great forth bridge red.”

“It is a building with a promise of a life in other ways – as a festival fringe venue, a great place for comedy, for music, for talks. The look of the building is the important thing to me as a sculptor and now as an accidental architect.”

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Author: Auz Burger