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Latest Trend: Shipping Container Communities

Shipping containers have become such a popular building material that designers are using them to build entire communities. The containers make it easy to quickly complete construction projects and provide affordable housing and workspace for businesses. Homeowners and business owners alike are eager to secure their space in shipping container communities and become part of a vibrant neighborhood that values sustainability.

shipping container

The Cargo District, which is under construction in Wilmington, NC, is just one example of a shipping container community in the works. This area is being specially designed to help residents celebrate art, food, innovation the and entrepreneurial spirit. In addition to residential buildings that will be constructed using 20ft shipping containers and traditional building materials, the community will also be home to a variety of workspaces. Ideally, residents will be able to live and work in their community, which makes everyone feel more invested in the people and businesses around them.

To help encourage local chefs to set up shop and share their food, the Cargo District is also going to feature a food truck park. This space will be specially designated to allow food trucks to do business and serve local workers and residents. The food truck park is definitely in keeping with the fun spirit of the neighborhood and is sure to attract plenty of hungry customers.

At ContainerOne, we couldn’t be more excited to see what designers and builders are able to do with shipping containers. The sky is the limit and it is good to know that our products are a part of providing affordable homes and business spaces for innovators across the country and the globe.

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