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Innovative Shipping Container Gardens

Shipping Container Gardens

The quest for sustainable food sources and growing have led to many inventive solutions in the agricultural world over the last few years. The desire to reduce space needed for growing and a way to reduce water waste has led people to find new and improved solutions, some of which include shipping containers.

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Some of these innovative shipping container gardens are able to grow two full acres of fresh food within their metal walls. They are first outfitted with all of the garden materials for growing, including indoor lighting and irrigation systems, and are then able to have the produce planted inside of them.

The produce is grown vertically, which greatly reduces the space needed for growing and allows for far more produce to be produced in small spaces. 

Shipping Container Garden at East Carolina University in North Carolina

Colleges like East Carolina University in North Carolina have implemented shipping container gardens as a means of reducing their environmental footprints. The food grown on campus allows for less food waste in transportation and offers the students a hand in growing in knowing exactly where their produce is coming from. They grow two varieties of lettuce and have expanded into growing their own herbs and spices and hope to expand even further from there with another shipping container.

These shipping container gardens have made great strides in sustainability efforts as they have greatly reduced the need for excess water and transportation in food production. Condensation capturing technologies and dehumidifiers allow for the water used for growing to be captured and reused, which greatly diminished the amount of water usage for each crop. Built-in irrigation systems also have a hand in removing water waste.

Shipping Container Greenhouses a "Growing" Trend

Shipping container greenhouses are also a rising trend among growers. With the ability to be stacked and the option to have heavy duty clear walls built into the container, shipping containers make excellent greenhouses that are perfect for economical and environmentally conscious growers looking for sustainable growing practices.

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