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Do Shipping Containers Make Good Storage Sheds?

With spring now in full bloom, your honey-do list may include spring cleaning, and reshuffling all your lawn and garden tools in your garage. Have you been wanting to purchase a shed for all your yard gadgets  but have been reluctant to pay the cost? How about considering a used shipping container instead of a shed? Let’s compare the shipping container and the traditional back yard shed.

Cost Considerations

One of the greatest benefits to using a shipping container as a storage shed is cost per square foot.  It is much cheaper.  For example, a used container measuring 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8.5’tall costs around $2,500. This averages out  to about $15.63 per square foot.  By comparison, a typical 12′ x 12′ shed can cost at least $3,000 at your typical big box hardware store.  That comes out to around $24.19 per square foot.  Storage containers offer a cost saving of almost $10 per square foot.


Another advantage to using shipping containers as storage sheds is that they are better constructed.  They are built out of 14 gauge Corten steel. Corten steel is a steel alloy that when left unpainted will endure with a stable coating for several years.  Containers, though are painted with a high quality industrialized paint that will protect the Corten steel. The entire bottom of a container is sprayed from the factory with undercoating similar to what is used on an automobile.  This significantly increases a container’s ability to resist corrosion from the bottom.  In comparison, unless you’re purchasing a costly vinyl shed, you will have to make sure that there is a fresh coat of paint on your wooden shed every few years.  If not, the wood may split, crack, or rot. A storage container, even a used one, if left untouched, could easily sit for 10  years before needing any upkeep.


Shipping containers are built to withstand the weight of six fully loaded containers stacked on top of them with 62,000 lbs in each of the six containers.  That’s the equivalent of 372,000 lbs.  Their floors are made of one inch thick treated marine grade plywood with “C” channel cross members whim means they will hold much more weight than the average person will ever store in them. It’s gratifying to know that you can safely store lawn mowers, quads, wood splitters, tractors, mini excavators, and other heavy equipment safely in a container.

Keep Critters Out of Your Storage Unit

Sheds are extremely difficult to keep mice out of.  It’s been proven that mice can sneak into a hole as small as ¼” in diameter.  Mice seek out sheds to make nests in to survive winter often settling in the engine compartment of a lawn tractor.  Additionally they have a habit of nibbling on electrical wires of power equipment.  This could result in expensive repair bills as well as down time due to equipment being in the repair shop.  Containers are virtually mouse proof. The doors of a container are double gasketed that form an exceptionally tight weather, insect, and mouse proof seal.

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