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Cultural Center Transformed With a Shipping Container Facelift


An old building in Guácara, Venezuela got a shipping container facelift during its transformation into an amazing cultural center. Venezuelan architectural collective, Pico Colectivo, put their minds to the task and created a beautiful new center for a culture that they are happy to call a “Cultural Production Zone.”

Cultural Center Made with Recycled Shipping Containers in Venezuela

Fulfilling the need for quality community spaces and a safe, educational environment for the public, this cultural center has been open to the public for quite some time now. Made with repurposed and recycled shipping containers, the center is a beautifully structured work of art.

The center’s location also fills another role. As industrialization of the area continued and some older buildings got left behind during expansion and relocation, gaps between buildings left openings in Guácara. This building that became the foundation for the container cultural center was abandoned and left to ruin after street protests during the years before. The cultural center transformed the empty, abandoned space and provided a great deal of community fun for people in the city.

Multi-level Storage Container Structure

Several shipping containers have been stacked and laid out into a multi-level complex structure. The containers are stacked atop the older building’s substructure which is supported by the previous foundation.

Driven by a series of initiatives by local artists and communities, the cultural center includes an image and audiovisual laboratory, cafeteria, recording studio, gallery, music room, open workshop, skate plaza, a stage for presentations, and a visually stunning urban garden. If you’re ever in the area, it’s a great place to stop by.

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