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Create your own workout space with a shipping container

One of the countless ideas for converting shipping containers is turning them into gyms. These can be turned into smaller personal gyms or larger ones, even CrossFit gyms. When you live in an area that does not give you enough space for your workout equipment, a shipping container gym can be the solution to your problem. Not only are they portable and affordable, but they are also durable and can protect your equipment from the elements.

These are also ideal for a company who wants to provide a space for their employees to work out but does not have the space to set up a gym. This can easily be set up in the company’s parking lot and customized to fit the exercise needs of the employees. Numerous studies have shown that if employees have access to workout equipment and healthy food, their work output can increase by 15 percent. Having access to a gym can help increase morale overall from employees and providing a healthy work environment will help increase the quality of work and productivity.

Personal trainers and yoga instructors can also utilize these container gyms, giving them their own personal space to work. They can potentially take their studio to their clients, instead of having people travel to them.

The size of the containers can make the perfect atmosphere for a little yoga studio. It only takes some flooring and insulation, then painting the container some soothing colors, and you have a small, intimate studio that is the perfect atmosphere for a yoga studio.

With your own custom container gym, you can personalize it in countless ways. You can add partitions to it, electricity, windows, and more to carve out your personal workout space. You are not limited to the interior of the container either, you can easily add pull up bars, climbing equipment, and even a basketball hoop. Floor to ceiling mirrors can be added, along with floor mats, and storage for weights and mats. Shipping containers can be easily equipped for solar panels too, so you can use green energy in your container gym; a prospect that could attract business, if you are making your container gym for business reasons.

The Dunraven School Gym
Photo credit: https://inhabitat.com/fun-prefab-gym-built-from-containers-in-just-three-days/new-8-30/

The Dunraven School in South London opened a shipping container gym complex for their students in 2010. The 8,200 square meter gym has changing rooms, offices, and a spacious gym area for the students. It only took three days to put together since it was comprised of shipping containers.

In San Diego, a rooftop container gym was added to the local community center in 2016. The rooftop gym came equipped with solar panels too, so it was a fully self-sufficient structure, that had plenty of room for people to work out.

ContainerOne offers a wide variety of customization options for your container. You can make anything out of shipping containers, from tiny homes to art studios, from hospitals to schools; the only limit is your imagination. Visit ContainerOne.net today to get more information on our products.