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3+ Ways a Shipping Container Can Help Your Business Grow

Shipping Container Storage fuels business growth.

Businesses worldwide are using shipping containers to help them meet their needs while also taking advantage of all shipping containers' benefits. They are durable, flexible, cost-effective, as well as eco-friendly. Let’s see how you can use shipping containers to help your business grow. 

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Shipping Container Storage 

Have you ever found the need for seasonal storage with extra merchandise at your business? For a few dollars a day, you can have a secure, weatherproof steel shipping container on-site to store your additional inventory or supplies. Storage containers give you the freedom to quickly get seasonal products in the store to sell during the busy season. It also frees your worries about multiple orders to make sure your business is well-stocked. There is nothing more frustrating than missing sales opportunities because you’re waiting on an order to arrive. 

Warehouse Alternative 

Finding the right amount of warehouse space to suit your business’s storage needs without paying for what you don’t require is a tricky balancing act. Instead of paying high prices for warehouse space, you can help your business grow by using a shipping container for permanent storage. You can add shelving to manage and house your items, allowing for easy access and inventory organization. 

Extra Workspace 

Another benefit of using shipping containers for business is that they provide a fast, affordable workspace. Perhaps you require more studio space or another office area or workshop space for more machinery. Instead of leasing another building or investing in an expensive renovation project, modified shipping containers provide a smart solution. 

You get a low-cost workspace, modified to suit your needs – timber flooring, plumbing, insulation, windows, built-in desks or cabinets, and more. Get a custom space for far less than a traditional renovation project. 

The best part is, if you move your business, you can take your custom workspace with you. Shipping containers are portable and easy to transport. 

Additional Advantages of a Shipping Container

  • Shipping containers are secure – no one can break in when your shipping container is locked, but they are also fire, wind, water, and critter-proof. Check out our lock box for additional security. 
  • Room for growth – you can stack shipping containers as needed, saving space yet still providing plenty of storage. When you need more space, purchase another shipping container to stack. 
  • Mobility – instead of developing a relationship with a warehouse that you can’t take with you when you move to a new location, rely on mobile shipping containers for storage. When your business moves, your storage space goes with you. 
  • Accessibility – Most shipping containers have large doors, giving you plenty of space for accessing large items and for seeing quickly where everything is stored. 


Container One has simplified the process from purchase to design, build-out, and delivery, offering affordable pricing, custom options, and accessories, so the only limit is your imagination. Begin browsing shipping containers near you today