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3 of the Coolest Shipping Container Homes

Turning shipping containers into homes isn’t a new concept, but the ways that some people design their homes out of these containers can be unique and allow someone to show their personality with their home. Here are some of the coolest looking container homes, which have been designed to show their owner’s unique style to the world.

Casa Incubo Shipping Container Home in Costa Rica


Casa Incubo in Costa Rica is made up of eight shipping containers. The house is surrounded by nature, and they even built the house around a large cedar tree, which is in the front porch. The idea of this house is sustainability. The second floor has a terrace and porch, and the third floor has a rooftop garden.


Crossbox Shipping Container Home in France 


The Crossbox is in France, and it is made up of four 40-foot containers. Two containers make up the rectangular ground floor, and the other two are crossed over the top of the two on the ground floor. The top floor seems to just be hanging in midair.

Grillagh Water Shipping Container Home in Ireland


Grillagh Water is located in Ireland on the bank of the Grillagh River. This house is the first modern shipping container home that was constructed and designed in Ireland. It is made up of four 45-foot shipping container, that have been merged together to give this home a unique and distinct look. Its design was made to allow for the best views of nature near the home — the historic Drumlamph woods are near the house, and it is surrounded by mountains.


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Author: Auz Burger