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Twitter Uses Shipping Containers to Create a Global Conversation

Shipping Container ConversationTwitter has repurposed shipping containers all over the world to have live video conversations with others visiting those containers. Called #Tweetups, the gold-painted containers are open until August 5, and have interpreters on-site to help visitors as needed. These are connected to 40 cities across the globe. Some of the cities included are San Francisco, California; Chicago, Illinois; Seoul, South Korea; São Paulo, Brazil; Melbourne, Australia; San Pedro Sula, Honduras; and Mexico City.

These Portals, as they are called, are essentially a global video meet-and-greet, and they are intended to help people feel a connection to others across the globe and "bring the power of global conversation to life." Twitter wanted to help create a more intimate experience than is otherwise offered when communicating through social media. In addition to conversations about any topics, some visitors are sharing meals in the Portals and even having music jam sessions.

Shipping Container Jam Session“I think here’s something extraordinarily powerful about stepping into a space and feeling as though you’re teleporting into another time and place,” Nola Weinstein, Twitter’s global head of culture, said, “and entering into another person’s experience that you only usually interact with through headlines and hashtags.”

Throughout the event, there will be special events for different locations, including a K-Pop concert in South Korea and a lunch to connect Sao Paulo and Detroit. Some celebrity appearances are also expected.

This was done in 2017 too, by Shared Studios, who even used the same golden containers. Twitter collaborated with Shared Studios to offer a similar experience.

Shipping Container on Display

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Photos courtesy of Twitter.

Author: Auz Burger