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Tiny Shipping Container Clinics Offer Disaster Relief Services

Shipping Container Medical Center

With passing years, extreme weather seems to be becoming the norm for many people living in disaster-prone areas. Floridians are experiencing more hurricanes than normal, tropical storms seem to be a common occurrence, and record-breaking blizzards are all over the news.

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Using Shipping Containers as Tiny Medical Clinics

To meet up with the growing severity of natural disasters, hospitals and clinics have sought to find solutions to getting medical aid to those in need during these bouts of natural disasters. With roadblocks and rural areas with no nearby hospitals, many civilians are left with no options for medical treatment and don’t know where to turn in the event of a natural disaster. These tiny shipping container clinics hope to solve that problem.

These little clinics are housed inside of portable shipping containers and provide disaster relief to those in need. The mobility of the clinics allows medical services to reach areas that otherwise have no medical resources. Doctors, nurses, and volunteers can simply pack up the medical equipment, and transport the clinic wherever there is a need. The self-contained clinics can be installed anywhere in the US with very short lead times as well. As the containers are made from steel shipping containers, they are durable enough to withstand extreme weather and keep all of the equipment dry and undamaged in the case harsh weather conditions or security risks.

Why Tiny Medical Shipping Container Clinics are Important

Tiny clinics have mobilized medicine to many rural areas and regions blocked by flooding, ice, or other forms of extreme weather that keep civilians away from stationary hospitals in their time of need. Solar-powered and fully stocked with ready-to-use medical devices and equipment, these storage container clinics continue to save lives in various regions around the world.

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