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This Three-Story Paradise is Made from Shipping Containers

Shipping container residences are becoming a common occurrence all over the world. As the quest for sustainable housing collides with the desire for environmentally conscious recycled materials, shipping container homes are finding a strong footing in the housing market. Storage containers are strong, sturdy, and sustainable, but who knew that heaven could be found in a few simple shipping containers?

Shipping Container Paradise in Bangladesh

Designers from Bangladeshi architectural firm River & Rain saw the perfect vision in the shipping containers and made it an actuality. This beautiful Dhaka home was that vision, and its basic structure is made from three recycled shipping containers.

Standing three full stories, this Dhaka residence is beautifully dubbed the “Escape Den,” and is a paradise on earth. Resting peacefully in a quiet little suburb in Dhaka, Bangladesh, the Escape Den features and evokes feelings of gentle restfulness and beautiful, serene romanticism. When describing the home, River & Rain designers state that the Escape Den is a “Concept of space evoked on three main grounds” and that it “create[s] a hymn of solitary” feelings.

Constructed Using Storage Containers

Based on four shipping containers, Escape Den features large openings for an abundance of sunlight and reflective surfaces that emit a delicate glow at sunset. The longest container houses the bedroom while multiple stairways connect the Conex container rooms to the downstairs dining area. An overhanging terrace pulls the piece together and creates a sense of unity between the separate container rooms.

River & Rain designers go on to describe the home and intentions by stating that it “create[s] a subtle experience of one’s being and non-being at the same moment, the project adorns emptiness with grace.  Space here is not stagnant; it’s allowed to flow with its highest ardencies, form is only the resonance of space.” This gorgeous container paradise stands as a reminder to all that beauty comes in many different packages, sometimes even shipping containers.

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