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This Massive 120-Shipping Container Complex is Bringing a Unique Experience to Toronto

Shipping containers have been popping up all over the world as stores and neighborhood markets. In Toronto, Ontario, stackt is one of these markets. They took unused land — a plot of 2.6 acres — and put together a massive shipping container market complex, made up of about 120 shipping containers. stackt just opened in April, and it is already a popular destination.

They have both short-term and long-term space for shops, and they even can rent out space for indoor and outdoor events. Vendors can lease with stackt for as little as two days or as much as 18 months. There is a big variety of businesses in the complex, which includes a donut shop, a shop with 100% recyclable glasses, a tattoo shop, a bookstore, a coffee shop, and brewery; some of these will likely change in the future.

Aside from the businesses in the complex, the rest of the property has been given AstroTurf, a beer garden, and a pavilion that is destined to have a giant fire pit. They offer regular events, ranging from concerts to movie screenings, to even yoga classes. There are also plans to create flower and vegetable gardens on the property.

Toronto still plans to turn the property stackt is on into a park, but it has been sitting vacant for years while the city has worked on raising the money for it. The site used to be an iron-smelting plant, from 1900 to the 1980s, and then it became a parking lot. The land is considered contaminated, so the city has to remediate the land before it can transform into a park.

In the meantime, it is a massive complex that focuses on making this "unused land and transformed it into an experience of curated discovery," the website says. "We’re the ever-changing end result of a cultural lifestyle market mixed with a community meeting hub, in a space designed to feed your curiosity and inspire your thinking."

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Author: Auz Burger