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The PV14 Shipping Container House is a Sight for Sore Eyes

2014 was an interesting year for architectural design and the construction of modern homes. The world of architecture clung heavily to the trends of passive homes, tranquility, and simplistic designs. Because of those trends and the designers looking to construct creative homes to suit the desires of potential homebuyers, innovation found its way onto the stage.

Eco-Friendly Construction with Shipping Containers

During that year of passive and eco-friendly construction, shipping container homes were just emerging onto the scene and beginning to look elegant, beautiful, and feasible. Part of this shift in perception was due to innovators such as Dallas, Texas residential design firm, M Gooden Design, and their chic shipping container designs like the PV14 house.

The PV14 house was a project taken on by M Gooden Design to “design and build a modern residence that has a unique character, that responds to its specific location, and that employs the unique construction technologies not often used in current residential construction” and document the process. The project was a glowing success.

Shipping Container Home in Dallas, Texas

Built near White Rock Park in Dallas, Texas this gorgeous home utilizes shipping containers and a beautiful design. It’s extensive overhangs and porches shield the residents from direct sunlight without inhibiting the perfect view of White Rock Lake or removing the natural light from the home’s interior. Staying true to the trend of passive homes of the era, the roof on PV14 house serves as an insulated solar screen that reduces energy costs and extends the lifespan of the roof itself. The interior ceilings leave the shipping containers untouched and unmasked, creating a striking juxtaposition between the contemporary interior and the utility of the shipping containers.

This beautiful shipping container home of the past serves as a reminder that beauty can be uncovered from even the humblest origins; even a simple shipping container.

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