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Shipping Containers: The Future of Mobile Medicine

Shipping container hospitals have been springing up all over the world in recent years. Called “Clinic in a Can,” they cost significantly less to set up and maintain than a traditional hospital or emergency clinic, and they can be flown to any location in the world. These mobile clinics can be strung together too, to create a larger hospital complex.

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Durability of Shipping Containers Makes Them Ideal for Medical Applications

Since shipping containers are designed to be durable, they can be put in extreme weather conditions without damaging the sensitive medical equipment inside. These containers can also be equipped with solar panels so that they can work even in places without power. They were first created with the intent to increase the quality of life in more rural areas that were lacking in proper medical care.

These shipping container medical clinics can be set up to provide emergency care, primary care, and for treating infectious diseases. They have been successful for disaster relief in remote locations, where it is not possible to transport patients to a brick and mortar hospital.

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