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Giving Mother Nature a Break With Shipping Containers

The massive oversupply of shipping containers in ports all around the world has inspired many environmentalists to drum up interest in repurposing these containers. Because returning them to their port of origin is often too costly, it makes a lot of sense – both economically and environmentally – to repurpose these Conex containers by turning them into home.

You are also curbing your carbon imprint by selecting a container as a home, because it already provides its own assembly: it comes built with its own floor, walls and roof.

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When you purchase a used shipping container it is similar to picking up a dog from a shelter versus getting a puppy from a breeder. Of course, puppies are super sweet! But choosing a puppy from a breeder over a shelter dog will not decrease the number of dogs stuck in a shelter.

In his 2011 article, Brian Pagnotta of ArchDaily – a leading architecture website, states the following:

Reusing containers seems to be a low energy alternative, however, few people factor in the amount of energy required to make the box habitable. The entire structure needs to be sandblasted bare, floors need to be replaced, and openings need to be cut with a torch or fireman’s saw. The average container eventually produces nearly a thousand pounds of hazardous waste before it can be used as a structure. All of this, coupled with the fossil fuels required to move the container into place with heavy machinery, contribute significantly to its ecological footprint.

Quick Turnaround With Shipping Container Homes

Another advantage of shipping container homes is the relative speed in which they can be ready for use. This is also why shipping container homes are becoming popular options for re-housing people affected by natural calamities and other disasters in some areas of the world. They can be refurbished and ready for habitation in as little as two months. If you are pressed for time or just looking to move out of your current residence as soon as possible, you may find this a viable solution.

The Ability to Customize With Shipping Containers

In many areas, especially in large cities or highly-urbanized regions, it can be challenging trying to find a house that fits your needs. Attempting to build one from the ground up with the exact design you have in mind could also be cost-prohibitive.

By contrast, shipping container homes offer a lot of design creativity and flexibility. The basic structure can be repurposed in any way you deem fit. There are lots of modifications that need to be done before the shipping container can be considered as a living space. And how they are done is entirely up to you!

Shipping container homes allow you to design spaces that reflect your personality. You may need just one container, or several, in order to execute the plan you have in mind. But the tractability can be fun and can offer you a lot more particular satisfaction than having to settle for a cookie-cutter available on the housing market.

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