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Start Your Own Shipping Container Self-Storage Facility

Shipping Container Storage Facility

Building your own storage facility can be a breeze with the use of shipping containers. Below is a list of things you will need to start your own shipping container self-storage facility.

Location is Key

It is important to identify an area that is both accessible and has a need for a local storage facility. Look out for these key features:

  • Moderate to high population
    • Try to identify a central location that will be within driving distance of some populous cities in your area
  • Accessible via a major roadway
    • The extra traffic is free advertising

Need a Permit?

After identifying a location that will fit your needs you should learn more about the local zoning ordinances. This will ensure that you comply with all local zoning codes and regulations. If possible, you can visit the town hall or city hall to request this information. You may be able to find this information by visiting the local zoning's website. Do a bit of research and contact the zoning board if you are unsure or have any questions.

Prep the Area

Shipping Container Area Being Bulldozed

Shipping containers need to be placed on flat land. The site that the storage facility is being built will need to be cleared and leveled. The typical aspects of a storage facility should be present to assure the customers that their stored items are safe and secure. This includes:

  • A security system
  • A security fence
  • Shipping container lock boxes

Purchase the Containers

Now that the site is both prepped and cleared by the zoning board it is time to purchase the shipping containers. The best option is to purchase new, or 1 trip, shipping containers. These have only held cargo one time and will require less maintenance in the future. The other option is to use used wind-water tight(WWT) units. These units may need some initial maintenance and paint before they are ready to be used in the facility.

Using shipping containers instead of traditional storage units is much more cost effective and easier to manage. More containers can easily be added as demand increases. You can find more information on buying shipping containers on our Buying Guide.


Shipping Container Financing Options

The initial investment in your facility will vary depending on a few factors:

  • Land and zoning costs
  • Cost of improvements to the facility
  • The amount of containers purchased
  • The condition of the containers purchased

One of the largest costs will be the shipping containers. Luckily, quite a few shipping container providers allow commercial businesses to finance their containers. You can find more information on financing your purchase on our Financing Options page.

How Much Can I Make?

If you've followed the above steps, the congratulations! You've setup a storage facility and can begin renting out your units. Let's take a look at the how much you will be making on average.

Scenario 1

Container Costs: 3,000 x 50 = $150,000
Land/Prep Costs: $200,000
Total Costs = $350,000

Renting out each unit for $100 a month: 50 x 100 = $5,000 a month

This equates to $60,000 return per year.

Scenario 2

Container Costs: 3,000 x 100 = $300,000
Land/Prep Costs: $350,000
Total Costs = $650,000

Renting out each unit for $100 a month: 100 x 100 = $10,000 a month

This equates to $120,000 return per year.

Scenario 3

Container Costs: 3,000 x 250 = $750,000
Land/Prep Costs: $650,000
Total Costs = $1,400,000

Renting out each unit for $100 a month: 100 x 250 = $25,000 a month

This equates to $300,000 return per year.


Final Thoughts

Building a shipping container self-storage facility can be a way of starting your own business and paying yourself for your hard work. Investing in and renting out other types of properties can be costly and may back you in to a corner. Some things to note about shipping containers:

  • Shipping containers retain their value
  • Very little to no maintenance needed
  • Easy to relocate, add, or remove units


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