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Shipping Containers: The Future of Science

The need for a laboratory in the field, especially in more remote areas of the world, can be filled by turning shipping containers into mobile laboratories.

Shipping Container Laboratories

Whether you are doing medical testing or chemical testing, being able to have a lab with you at all times can be invaluable to a company. They are completely customizable to meet whatever your needs for a lab are. Shipping containers are designed to survive the toughest weather, so you do not have to worry about much damage to your facility or your samples.

Shipping containers can have solar panels installed, so all of your equipment will have power, even in the most remote areas. The ability to seal a shipping container also helps keep samples contained; you can keep germs out of hazardous materials in and isolated. If necessary, you can install an airlock to help minimize contamination. They can even be equipped with a key card locking system or a code system.

Constructing a Shipping Container Science Lab

To set up a shipping container laboratory, you can install stainless steel countertops, chemical resistant sinks, and even a safety shower. Detection alarms, air filtration systems, ventilation systems, and other security measures can be added to your mobile container lab. These labs can also be set up to maintain a specific temperature, for more sensitive materials.

With a shipping container lab, your samples can always be fresh, since your lab is where the things you are taking samples from is. Being able to begin your tests right away will allow you to have results sooner, and not having to transport everything can save you money.

These container labs can also be utilized in urban areas when a facility needs to be expanded, but there is not enough space in their area. They fit easily in a parking lot, the company can keep their expansion on the same lot and not have to spend travel times between the old and new facility or move to an entirely new one. These are a much more affordable option to moving or even adding on to their current building.

Shipping Containers Designed for Harsh Weather Conditions

These types of labs could be the future of science in the Arctic, where weather conditions can make it difficult to set up a traditional science outpost. Canadian scientists have already created shipping container labs to aid their work in the icy north. They equipped theirs with solar panels and wind turbines to ensure they always have electricity. Their labs are designed to be high-tech outposts that can be moved easily.

A shipping container lab can be set up on a ship that is limited in space, allowing the scientists or doctors to have the workspace they require on a small vessel. It also helps keep anything hazardous from getting in or out, providing an additional layer of protection for those on board.

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