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Shipping Containers Do Carry A Warranty

Shipping containers are not just a growing trend, and they’re here to stay.  There’s many questions customers have been having surrounding the warranty on shipping containers and how they work. 

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Shipping Container Inspection

First thing is first.  Each shipping container is inspected before they leave and after they arrive to their destination.  If there are any minor issues like a small hole or any leaks, which is highly rare, we will repair it for you.  We like to make your shipping container experience easy and simple, so any issues like major leaks will be fixed for you.

We offer a one year guarantee to cover any leaks or similar damage or defects with your shipping container.  We want to make sure you are satisfied with your Conex container.  We find that more times than not, the delivery goes rather smooth and the shipping container is one hundred percent intact.

Storage Container Construction

All storage containers are made of steel corrugated sheet sidewalls, roof and back panel. The floors are made of marine plywood and the floor structure is 6” steel cross-members. The entire container is all welded-steel so it is structurally sound.

Since containers are made of steel and they are of sound structure and design, people are using them as homes, businesses and storage containers.  And since they are covered with a one year warranty, it gives you plenty of time to make sure everything is one hundred percent sound.

Shipping Container FAQs

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