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Best Selling Shipping Container Parts and Accessories

February 23rd, 2024

Shipping containers are more than just sturdy steel storage boxes. They're versatile building blocks, adaptable to homes, offices, workshops, and more. But unlocking their full potential often requires the right accessories. This article delves into the best-selling, most practical, and innovative add-ons to enhance your container's functionality and value.

We'll explore essential categories like security, climate control, and access, providing specific examples of top-selling items in each. You'll discover how roll-up doors improve accessibility, how simple upgrades improve airflow, and how to better protect your belongings in the container.

Beyond the basics, we'll uncover shipping container accessories that might surprise you, offering unique solutions and unexpected benefits. Whether you’re getting a shipping container for storage or to build finished spaces, these parts will help achieve your goals. 

Most Popular Shipping Container Parts

One of the primary uses for shipping containers is for storage. The durability of conex boxes make them ideal for protecting your items from the elements and securing them from potential thieves. Here are some popular parts and accessories that will enhance your container for storage.

Roll Up Doors For Conex Boxes

If you’re storing tools, vehicles or equipment that you access often, a roll up door is a must have. Our roll up door for shipping containers is one of the best selling accessories because it enables much more convenient access to your container than the heavy cargo doors they come with. 

Roll up doors fit standard and high cube containers. They come in many different sizes ranging from 4 ft by 6.75 ft all the way up to 12 ft by 8 ft. So if you’re building a shipping container garage for cars, lawn tractors or ATVs, we have the perfect door for your project.

The roll up doors are made from durable steel and they come with all hardware and material to assemble and install. Prices start at just over $500 and there are add-ons like a framing kit or header plate if you want to mount the door to areas with limited framing. 

Shipping Container Windows 

Shipping containers are excellent in rural settings and construction sites because you can set them and forget them and they’ll be secure. However, often there is no electricity in those settings so it can be difficult to see items inside the container. Installing a container-ready window allows for natural light and airflow while still keeping the container secure. 

Each of our windows includes a Weld-N-Go™ System designed specifically for the container modification industry as they’re equipped with 2" x 4" square tube steel frame, security bars and dual pane glass.

Shipping container windows come in 3 sizes:

24” x 24”

36” x 36”

48” x 36”

All windows come with everything you need for installation and it should only take about 1 hour to install. Container window prices start around $420.

As an add-on, we also offer steel window shutters if you need supreme security.

Man Door For Shipping Containers

Another one of our best selling shipping container parts is a man door. When combined with a window, adding a man door instantly transforms your plain conex box into an adequate hunting cabin or temporary jobsite office.

Our shipping container man doors are made from heavy duty steel. They’re resistant to harsh elements like rain and fire. Each man door also comes with a complete installation kit including a threshold plate, sweep, rain drip guard, gasket, lever, and deadbolt. 

The man doors are part of the easy-to-assemble Weld-N-Go product line and come with a steel frame for easy installation. They come in 4 different sizes:

3’ x 6’8”

3’6” x 6’8”

4’ x 6’8”

6’ x 6’8”

Container man door prices start around $1000.

Shipping Container Vents

Shipping containers are wind and water tight, but most uses require more ventilation because severe climate variation can cause a host of challenges like temperature and moisture control. Check out our guide to shipping container ventilation here.

There are two types of ventilation for shipping containers: passive and active ventilation. Louver vents offer passive ventilation and turbine vents offer active ventilation while both keep the container weatherproof. 

Louver vents are great because they allow warm air to escape the container. Our louver vents are heavy-duty construction designed for flush mounting to your container. They’re made with machine tab-fold construction with built-in weather protection and a perma-coated screen for insect protection. Prices start at $86.

Turbine vents are made with all-aluminum rust-free construction and have large flashing for easy installation. The 21 air-foil curved vanes with rolled vane edges to deflect water and have permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance. They’ve been tested to withstand winds of up to 147 m.p.h. Prices start at $151.

Shipping Container Cargo Door Lock Box 

Shipping containers are extremely secure. Without certain tools, it is nearly impossible to break into them, especially if they have a cargo door lock box. The lock box protects the padlock from tampering. In other words, a thief with the biggest baddest bolt cutters won’t be able to reach the shackle because the lock box blocks access to it. 

This two-part piece can be welded on directly to the container doors. We offer a Standard and a Bulldog size. Prices start at $65.

Shipping Container Office Conversion Kit

In addition to individual parts and accessories, we also offer a complete shipping container office kit. It has everything you need to turn your container into a finished office.

The kit includes insulation, two windows, a man door, a heat pump with AC and security cage, and an electrical package with lights, plugs, switches, breakers, and a 125-AMP breaker box. 

We offer office kits for both 20 ft containers and 40 ft containers with detailed installation instructions. Prices are around $8500 for the office kit for 20 ft containers and $10,400 for 40 ft container office kit. (Office kit prices do not include the price of the container)

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