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Can Shipping Container Homes Help Solve Veteran Homelessness?

April 3rd, 2024

In the land of the free, it's heartbreaking that many of our brave veterans find themselves without a place to call home. These heroes, who risked everything to protect our freedoms, deserve better. 

Yet, thousands of them in the United States face the harsh reality of homelessness. It's time we honor their sacrifices by providing them with the dignity of a safe and stable place to live. 

That is why Container One is proud to support Tunnels to Towers helping homeless veterans and fallen first responders with housing assistance. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is responsible for providing housing assistance and supportive services to over 3,300 veterans in 2023.

However, there is a long way to go to solve homelessness for veterans. According to HUD, the number of homeless veterans rose more than 7% to 35,574 from 2022 to 2023.

Tunnels to Towers has converted hotels into Veterans Villages and is manufacturing “comfort homes” to help shelter homeless veterans. These dwellings are about the same size as shipping containers and can be built in about two weeks.

Because shipping container dimensions are similar, building comparable dwellings directly out of shipping containers may be even more efficient. 

Shipping Container Homes For The Homeless

Tent cities seem to be popping up in almost every metropolitan area in the United States. The high cost of housing and lack of mental health services appear to be the primary reasons for increased homelessness. 

While fixing those challenges seems daunting, fixing the temporary shelter situation for thousands of unhoused people is achievable.

One of the solutions that many cities are considering is to build homes from repurposed shipping containers. Shipping container homes provide a sustainable and affordable option for temporary housing for homeless veterans and other Americans in need.

Just plain shipping containers with doors and windows are a significant upgrade from tents. They offer a much sturdier and safer shelter.

However, today, very comfortable homes with all the expected amenities are being built from shipping containers.These homes offer more than just shelter; they offer a beacon of hope for those who have served our country with unwavering courage. 

Benefits of Shipping Containers Shelters

With fast construction, low costs, easy delivery, durability and sustainability, and ability to be stackable, shipping container homes can swiftly turn empty lots into vibrant communities, where veterans can find the support and camaraderie they deserve.

  • Fast Construction: Fabricating a basic home from a shipping container is faster and requires less construction experience than traditional homes. 

  • Low Costs: Building shipping container homes is less expensive than single-wide manufactured homes.

  • Easy Delivery: Shipping container homes can be delivered by standard trucks without oversized load permits.

  • Durable and Sustainable: Building with repurposed materials like recycled corrosion-resistant steel containers is cheap, durable and sustainable.

  • Stackable: Because shipping containers can be stacked up to 10 high when full, they offer much more housing potential on small lots.

Container One, as a leading provider of shipping containers for sale in the United States, is supporting multiple projects to deliver housing assistance to those in need.

As Americans, it's in our DNA to rally around our veterans – to show them the respect and gratitude they've earned. By coming together as a nation, we can turn the tide of homelessness among our veterans. 

Let us set aside our differences and unite behind this noble cause, knowing that no hero should ever be left behind.

Container One is making it easy for customers to donate to Tunnels to Towers Homeless Veteran Program by simply rounding up on their purchase during checkout. 

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