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Seven Reasons to Transform a Shipping Container into a Vacation Home

Seven Reasons to Transform a Shipping Container into a Vacation Home

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Have you been dreaming of a vacation home, but haven’t been able to afford it? Recently, consumers have been purchasing shipping containers for uses other than shipping goods. People have transformed plain shipping containers into luxurious swimming pools, portable farms, and trendy restaurants. The next big thing in the world of shipping containers is converting them into vacation homes. Below you’ll find seven reasons why you should transform a shipping container into the vacation home of your dreams.


The main reason that people cannot have a vacation home is money. Vacations home are a second house and come with many of the same costs as a regular home does – Mortgage, insurance, and electricity. With a shipping container, you can drastically shave many of these costs, if not some of them completely! You also don’t need to purchase a lot of the same materials as you would with a real house. Your shipping container vacation home will already have a sturdy shell – No bricks or concrete needed!

Construction Time

It usually takes several months for a builder to construct a typical vacation home. Thankfully, this is not the case for shipping container vacation homes. Once you’ve met with a shipping container specialist, you can expect your container to be delivered in a fraction of the time that it takes a traditional vacation home to be built.


Unlike living in a real vacation home, you can simply pack up your shipping container home and move it to another property. With a shipping container, you are not stuck vacationing at the same spot year after year. Fancy a trip near the beach one summer? Feeling like camping deep in the woods? Alter your scenery as often as the season change!


Shipping containers are weather-proof. They can withstand snow and heat. Containers have been tested to withstand winds of over 100mph, making them a great choice for hurricane prone destinations. They are also rain-proof, so there’s no need to worry about your living quarters getting drenched during a summer rain! You also won’t need to dread the costs associated with repairs such as roofs and structural damage.


Security is another plus for shipping containers vacation homes. They easily lock up, so you can leave your vacation home behind without worrying about break-ins. Shipping containers are also much safer than spending the night in a tent. In a shipping container vacation home, you won’t need to worry about animals, such as bears and racoons, entering your tranquil sleeping quarters.

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With a shipping container home, you are not locked into a specific size of a dwelling. If desired, multiple shipping containers can be linked together horizontally to create a larger vacation home. Some vacation homes feature vertically-stacked containers for extra levels of living. Additions can be created quickly and affordably.


Creating a vacation home out of a shipping container takes much less materials than a tradition vacation home, limiting the use of the earth’s precious natural resources. Shipping container vacation homes can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. You can also make your vacation home eco-friendlier by insulating the container with cotton insulation or recycled newspaper. Go the extra mile and equip your shipping container roof with solar panels and save on electricity costs.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to turn a shipping container into a vacation home! Contact the specialists at ContainerOne today to start planning the vacation home of your dreams while sticking to your budget.