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Repurposed Shipping Containers Became an Amazing Parking Attendant Tower

Shipping container repurposing just keeps getting better. Every day, innovative designers and architects find new ways to utilize shipping containers to create gorgeous works of art or amazing architectural feats. This day is no different. Check out this gorgeous micro tower made entirely of recycled containers.

Standing bright and tall in Columbus, Ohio, this micro tower actually serves a parking attendant booth. It’s beautiful and recognizable structure was designed by Ohio architectural firm Jonathan Barnes Architecture and Design, also known as JBAD and is seen easily from afar by-passing traffic. Designers state that “the MicroTower Parking Booth is the re-imagination of an otherwise overlooked and unconsidered part of the downtown landscape located at one of many of the ubiquitous downtown surface parking lots.” Locals are surely happy to have its signature red color to highlight the area.

The 40-foot tower acts as a visual landmark for the city’s downtown area. The tower’s parking booth program takes up roughly two-thirds of the floor area and leaves the other third open as flexible program space. A portion of the building can also be used for things like food carts, coffee cart service, and bike storage.

The proud designers state that shipping containers “offered an ideal solution to the construction of the MicroTower. The containers’ dimensions, roughly 8 feet by 9 feet by 40 feet, easily accommodated the space required by a parking attendant and the ancillary space for flexible program” when discussing why they chose shipping containers for the creation of their design. Is there anything that shipping containers can’t do?

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