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Portable Shipping Container Hospitals and Clinics Come to You

Shipping Container Clinic

Imagine living in a third world country where getting to anything that resembles civilization can take hours or days to reach. Or if a major earthquake, hurricane, or tornado has affected the area you live in and rendered your local hospitals and clinics useless. What if your child is sick and in need of immediate medical care? What if you have an abscessed tooth that’s making you ill? You’ve sustained injuries from a major storm or natural event. You need medical professionals and speed is of the essence.

Every human being should have access to quality health and dental care and immediate attention, and that’s where portable clinics assembled with shipping containers come into play.

Mobile Shipping Container Clinics, Hospitals, and Dental Facilities

Portable pop-up clinics, hospitals, and dentists make medical and dental care mobile for hundreds of thousands of people across the globe, or right in our backyards.

Shipping Container Clinic InteriorThese mobile miracles can be airlifted to an affected area when they’re needed in a hurry. They can also be trucked in when the situation is less severe and picked back up a few days later. An easy solution for any medical need!

These mobile shipping container medical units can also be used for concerts, fairs and anywhere large groups of people are going to be attending. The ensure safety and mobility, in a more secure setting than the usual tent set up at these types of events. They can even be modified so they run solely off solar power, making them, even more, cost-effective and mobile!

Fully-Customizable Medical Pop-up Facilities Using Shipping Containers

They’re able to be fully customizable for their need and location. Don’t let their small size fool you. Multiple pieces of equipment can be fitted into the space and also leave room for a small staff. They can be a temporary structure or added permanently to a larger preexisting building

Shipping Containers for Sale at Container One

Container One offers countless customization options, and with our excellent financing options and fast delivery nationwide, the building you need can be in your hands and ready to go in no time. Visit today to view the possibilities; the only limit is your imagination!

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