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Parkour Playgrounds: Shipping Containers for Extreme Parkour

When you think of shipping container yards, the first thing that comes to mind is almost certainly not parkour, but for many adventurous acrobats, container yards are the first things to come to mind.

Parkour is a sport known for its long jumps, extreme heights, and daring acrobatics. While the sport has seen some decline in participants over the last few years, active competitors still find themselves jumping, diving, and dashing along a number of obstacles, some of which including shipping containers.

Free Runners are true to their name in the desire to remain free and adventurous as they explore and seek out the best places for stunts and filming. Unfortunately, that adventurous, free running spirit has led to some dangers in the public. A container yard is no place for sports. These highly industrialized areas are unsafe for that kind of activity, and free runners have come to know it.

As many parkour practitioners began to understand the dangers of being in public yards they have taken to purchasing and creating their own safe parkour courses with shipping containers. By arranging their own shipping containers into obstacle courses, free runners have been able to create a safe and fun environment where they can practice their sport, make daring leaps, and run wild and free.

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