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Need a Shipping Container Home Addition? Meet the Sunny Side Box

We all know about the wonders of tiny shipping container homes, but did you know that shipping containers could be used as wonderful additions to the home that you currently own? If you wonder just how this can be done, then look no further than the Sunny Side Box.

Shipping Container Home Addition in South Korea

Designed by South Korean multidisciplinary architectural firm STARSIS (스타시스), this South Korean home was renovated and outfitted with a unique upstairs shipping container addition. As a result of the home’s original design, it received very little light and created a dim, gloomy atmosphere. The Sunny Side Box was utilized to create a lot of big, open window-space that floods the area with plenty of sunlight. The expert design does just that and is a big hit with the residents.

By placing and positioning the shipping containers on the roof, facing south, the home is able to maximize the natural daylight. The roof also includes a large terrace that is perfect for parties. But the beauty doesn’t end there.

Chic Design Inside the Storage Container

The inside of the Sunny Side Box is incredibly chic and modern. Feature a fresh black and white interior design, the home plays well with the new addition of natural light. Additionally, new wooden panels were added to enhance the new aesthetic to certain focal points of the home such as the front door and to a bench at the base of the home.

This chic shipping container home addition serves as a reminder that containers can do far more than most think. Not only can they serve as their own tiny homes, but they can also act as additions to currently standing locations, making the homes happier, brighter, and lighter.

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