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Making Your Shipping Container Safe

Aside from the generally proven sturdiness of shipping containers, one other thing that you can do to protect your loved ones and yourself is making sure your shipping container home is built on a solid foundation.

One of the most common discussions on the safety of shipping container unit is their ability to withstand violent climate conditions such as hurricanes, cyclones, or tornadoes.

There are roughly 4 different foundation types:

  1. Full basement
  2. Submerged crawl space
  3. Flush crawl space
  4. Slab-on-grade

Different construction methods can be used for every one of those foundation types, including:

  • Concrete block
  • Precast concrete
  • Cast in place concrete, and
  • Treated wood

Which foundation type is best for your shipping container depends on a number of factors, such as climate, site conditions, building design, and of course cost. By consulting with Containerone.net to see which foundation type and construction method are best to use in your case, you can be sure that your foundation is safe and secure. Also, check local regulations, to ensure you stay in line with your city’s building safety codes.

Indoor Safety

Common sense dictates that the most basic safety precautions in traditional homes and storage areas should also be present in shipping container units, such as:

  • Fire extinguishers
  • Locks
  • Proper electrical wiring
  • Alarm systems
  • Other features

These safety features are all incorporated into the design and layout of a shipping container home, and for the most part these are just as common as what you would expect in a traditional home setting.

There are risks involved in just about any home selection you can think of. Some risks are man-made, while others are nature-related. Shipping container homes and storage units are no exception. But you now know what you can expect, so you can face any challenges heads-on. Apply the safety precautions that we discussed, and don’t forget to ask ContainerOne for advice. The safety of your loved ones and yourself should be your number one priority!

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