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Hydroponic Gardens are Flourishing Inside Shipping Containers

Hydroponic gardens are a sight to behold. Eschewing conventional growing methods by removing the soil, hydroponic gardeners are changing the status quo and growing their gardens despite any difficulty. One of the newer forms of hydroponic growing includes growing gardens inside of recycled and reused shipping containers. Here’s how and why they work.

Why Hydroponic Gardens Inside Shipping Containers Work

Hydroponic gardening is a method of growing plants and produce without soil by using a mineral solution in a water solvent. Because of the unconventional method of growing, hydroponic gardens must be indoors in some way or another. Greenhouses and shipping containers provide that form of shelter for the plants to thrive despite the lack of soil.

The need for hydroponic gardens becomes more noticeable and pressing with each passing year. Extreme weather has wreaked havoc on the growing potential for farms in areas that receive the changes in temperatures or climate. As storms become stronger, flooding becomes more severe, and the general climate grows dryer and warmer, many small farmers and personal gardeners looked towards greenhouses and hydroponic farming as a solution to the issue. Shipping containers have also provided gardeners with a solution to the question of sustainable growing indoors.

Portability of Shipping Containers a Plus

Some researchers and farmers suggest that hydroponic gardening is an excellent choice for sustainable growth and also provides a possible solution to food deserts. As shipping containers are portable, any hydroponic garden within would also be mobile. By transporting produce to small, urban communities with few options for shopping, these mobile gardens are helping to feed the nation. With so much to offer, these shipping container gardens may no longer be a rare sight in the coming years.

How to Buy a Shipping Container for Your Hydroponic Garden

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