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Everything You Need To Know About Buying From ContainerOne

If you're in need of a shipping container, ContainerOne has a solution for you. They offer a wide range of shipping containers, including new and used containers, in various sizes and conditions. ContainerOne makes it easy to purchase a container online, with a straightforward process that includes delivery and has Rent To Own and financing options.

In this blog post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about buying from ContainerOne, from delivery methods to financing options and frequently asked questions. Container One makes the buyer user experience as “Amazon “ like as possible


How to find and buy a shipping container from ContainerOne

  1. Enter your zip code: On the ContainerOne website, you can enter your zip code to get immediate all inclusive delivered cost to your location.  The pricing model gets prices from the 5 nearest depots, ports or rail yards and displays the lowest cost of the 5 locations.

  2. Browse the available containers: Next, browse the available shipping containers on the ContainerOne website available in your area. You can select the size, type, and condition of the container you're looking for, and view the detailed specifications for each container.

  3. Choose your container: Once you've found a container that meets your needs, click on the product to add it to your shopping cart.  You can Chat online live with a sales rep or give them a call if you have any additional questions.

  4. Checkout: After selecting your container, proceed to checkout. Enter your payment information, choose a delivery option, and review your order to make sure everything is correct.  You can pay with a Credit card, ACH or Rent to Own all from the shopping cart.  Be sure to take advantage of the 2% discount by paying with a ACH or electronic check.

  5. Confirmation call: : After you've completed your online purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email with a receipt and you will get a call from our logistics department to go over your order and start the delivery process and scheduling. 

Choosing The Right Container

When choosing the right container at ContainerOne, there are several important factors to consider. Shipping containers come in two main types: regular and high cube, and High Cube are only available in 40 and 53’ lengths. The cost of the container will depend on its type, size, and whether it is new or used, as well as the cost of transport.  They make it as easy as possible for its customers.

The length of the container is an important factor to consider when choosing the right one. A 20 feet container may be enough space for your needs but the cost of a 40’ in some cases is not that much more expensive and you will get twice the space.  The height of the container is another factor to consider, with a high cube container providing an additional one foot of height that can make a big difference in terms of headroom clearance, ceiling insulation and additional shelving space. Ultimately, the choice is yours, and with a vast array of containers available, you have many options to choose from.

Financing and Rent To Own Payment Options

Container One has partnered with My Container Rental for a Rent-To-Own program for purchasing shipping containers. Customers can order a container through the website, select the Rent-To-Own option, and complete the application for approval. Once approved, delivery will be arranged. There is no interest or principal in the rental rate, no credit check is required, and the monthly payment amount never changes. In addition, Container One has also partnered with Affirm and Shopify for a financing solution, Shop Pay, which allows customers to split their purchase into monthly instalments with no hard credit check. Financing is handled through the partners and payments can be managed through the Shop Pay account. All questions about financing can be answered on the respective websites.

Delivery Pricing

Container One charges for delivery by including it in the price of 20 ft. and 40 ft. shipping containers. No hidden fees are added at the end of the transaction. The price is generated by a proprietary calculator based on the customer's zip code. 53 ft. shipping containers may have additional delivery charges due to unique shipping methods and availability in specific markets. Container One believes in transparent pricing and always generates a delivered price that includes everything, including delivery.

Container Delivery Methods

Tilt Bed/Roll Off:

  • Container will arrive on a trailer that tilts back and places the edge on the ground
  • Trailer pulls away and allows the container to slide or roll off
  • A video is available to show how this delivery method works

Customer Assist:

  • Requires an anchor point on the delivery site
  • A chain is attached to the container and then to the anchor point
  • Trailer pulls away and the container slides onto the ground

Flat Bed:

  • 20 ft. and 40 ft shipping containers arrive on a flatbed trailer attached to a semi-truck
  • Customer needs to provide a means to lift the container off the trailer, such as a crane, forklift, or heavy equipment
  • 53 ft. shipping containers delivered on a container chassis and require unloading with a crane or 15,000 lb. forklift

Customer Pickup:

  • Customers can arrange a date and time to pick up their containers from the depot
  • Proper equipment needed to move the container is required
  • 53-foot shipping containers must be picked up and only delivered if they can be lifted off the trailer with a forklift or crane

In summary, the process of buying a shipping container from ContainerOne is easy and straightforward. You can enter your zip code to get a quote, browse the available options, choose your container, and checkout online. If you have any questions, you can speak with a sales rep to get the answers you need.