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Shipping Containers for Housing Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Affordable housing remains a complicated global issue. Humanitarian efforts to provide safe, affordable housing have found clever ways to provide shelter and homes for those in need. One of the ways in which affordable homes and shelters can be implemented around the world is via durable and inexpensive materials such as shipping containers. Just such a method is being used in Cairo to create shelters for civilians.

Shelters Constructed from Shipping Containers in Egypt

Architects Mouaz Abouzaid, Bassel Omara, and Ahmed Hammad of the United Arab Emirates have proposed shelters built from shipping containers as a solution to Cairo’s housing issues that adversely affect low-income families. Winner of the 2nd prize in Future House: MICRO HOUSE, architect’s project, called “Sheltainer” seeks to provide affordable housing not only to low-income families but also to refugees and students.

Looking to provide new hope to impoverished Egyptians and peoples in the unindustrialized world, the architects have designed “Sheltainer” to focus on a single house unit with all the necessary needs of a small family. By combining everything into one conglomerate that serves as a small neighborhood of eight shipping container homes surrounding a courtyard, “Sheltainer” is hoped to “give Cairo a new ‘lung’ that would allow it to breathe but also will provide a ‘human’ residence along with solving the traffic disaster that the capital has suffered from for long decades by establishing a new road network,” according to the design team.

Following their core concepts of “Ethics and Values,” the UAE architectures continue their plan to see “Sheltainer” as a safe space for Cairo civilians and refugees in the near future.

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