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Shipping Container School for Marginalized Children

In the last few decades, the shipping container has been transformed from a sturdy mode of transportation into a variety of different and unique objects, shipping container homes, and forms of infrastructure. Shipping containers have come to provide many uses for individuals seeking to create solutions for complicated issues, much like this Etania Green School in Malaysia.

Shipping Container School in Malaysia

The Etania Green School is a recently constructed school for marginalized children in Sabah Malaysia. In Sabah, on the island of Borneo, plantations contribute heavily to the local economy and attract many migrant workers seeking employment. Many of these migrant workers struggle as a result of their legal status in the country, and their children often face hardships and lack of education as a similar result. Within Sabah, there are approximately 50,000 stateless children who have no access to education due to their migrant status. The Etania Green School, constructed using shipping containers, arose as one solution to the problem.

The non-profit organization, billionBricks, and Indian design studio, Architecture Brio, came together to create a solution and provide a safe, healthy, educational environment for the marginalized children using shipping containers as an inexpensive base for the school. Developed in collaboration with the Harvard School of Business, the Etania schools are designed for roughly 350 children aged 5-13.

As the school is located along a river with a history of flooding approximately, the shipping containers act as a waterproof base for the wooden school structure in the case of extreme flooding. When raised above the containers, classrooms are not only protected from any flooding but will also be kept naturally cool by capturing the breeze. The containers are also used for storage and washroom facilities.

The innovative use of containers and creative drive has brought a safe and secure environment for migrant children to learn and grow. An estimated 30 schools across the island of Sabah are expected to be built within the next 10 years.

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