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Container Dwellings are Taking the World by Storm

Homes and residential buildings are getting reinvented with shipping containers. Shipping container homes and complexes are popping up all over the world as more people are realizing the cost-effective benefits to using containers in their construction processes.

New York and Naples based architectural design studio, LOT-EK, designed a 75,000 square foot modular apartment building in Johannesburg constructed entirely of shipping containers. This high-rise complex used 140 upcycled shipping containers to create this modern, urban living space in the heart of the Johannesburg Maboneng district.

As the Maboneng district has recently gone through transformative measures to repopulate the urban area, this shipping container complex acts as a perfect solution for a quickly constructed, sturdy dwelling area for a large group of residents. Referred to by LOT-EK as “driveline studios,” this container building has been turning heads and drawing some positive attention.

The residence is made up of two separate volumes of stacked, enclosed containers, and a communal courtyard. The base level has been designated for retail space while the remainder of the ground floor and the six stories above are completely dedicated to a residential dwelling. Each studio container varies in size between 300 square feet and 600 square feet and includes an outdoor space along the courtyard-facing walkways and a public communal space nearby for the residents.

This functional, urban design shows that shipping containers can do it all!

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