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Container Car Care Centers Coming Your Way?

Shipping container architecture knows no bounds. It seems like no matter where you go, there is always some fantastic architectural design that incorporates shipping containers into its flawless and stunning design. Bangkok, Thailand is no different. Check out this amazing car care center built with shipping containers. 

Designed by Thailand-based architectural firm Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated, this container car care center in Bangkok uses both small and large repurposed shipping container units as part of its beautiful design. As part of Archimontage’s “Muang Thong Thani Car Care” project, the center provides a space for vehicle parking, storage, and cleaning. 

The facility's ground floor, made of clear shipping container bases, provides the coating and parking areas, while the second floor houses a restaurant and bar. The third floor features a shipping container office connected by an outside staircase. Different sized containers walls act as tall and wide windows, allowing plenty of natural light into the sunny building while sunshades reflect daylight away to reduce heat. It’s a beauty to behold. 

With such a creative, stylish, and functional design, you may see some fabulous container car care centers in your area someday. Shipping containers remain the basis of many unique and innovative residencies, buildings, constructions, and buildings worldwide. What container structures have you seen around lately? 

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