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A Shipping Container Residence Like You’ve Never Seen

Artists and designers are taking their talents to new heights and expressing themselves with new mediums of creation. Some architects have taken their interest in sculpture and design into their realm of building design and have created many unique and breathtaking designs using plenty of unconventional materials, namely shipping containers. Check out this amazing cluster shipping containers in California.

Residence Fashioned Entirely Out of Recycled Shipping Containers

Centered on a 90-acre plot in Joshua Tree in California, this all-white residence is fashioned entirely out of recycled shipping containers. Designed by London-based Whitaker Studio this 200 sqm residence sits on the California mountainside and is a gorgeous achievement of shipping container architecture.

The eye-catching “starburst” design was achieved by organizing the conglomerate of shipping containers in an outward layout to provide privacy for the resident and to maximize the gorgeous view of the California landscape. The residence features a wide, spacious interior with three ensuite bedrooms, a kitchen, a car garage roofed in solar panels provide electrical power for the house, and several large windows allowing plenty of light and a great view.

Shipping containers provide so many different options for structure and design. What shipping container architecture has caught your eye recently?

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