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20' Storage Containers For Sale

When starting your search for shipping containers, the size is one of the most crucial things to consider. While you might be set on a 20 foot container, you perhaps haven't considered the merits of a 40 foot container. All shipping containers have their pros and cons; here are a few to consider when looking for a 20 foot storage container for sale in your area.

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What is a Shipping Container?

You know those huge boxes you see in stacks upon stacks on freight ships and in harbors? Well, that's what we're talking about when we say 'shipping container'. They have multiple names that people often refer to them as, including 'storage containers', 'sea cans', or 'conex box'. These terms each mean the same thing and refer to the same, 20-40 foot metal containers that are traditionally used as cargo containers to ship goods around the world.

How are Shipping Containers made?

Most shipping containers are made out of sheets cut out of steel. They're then treated to ensure that should the paint ever be damaged, the integrity of the metal beneath it is not affected and doesn't interfere with the functionality of the shipping container. Shipping containers are then pressed and welded together, and are lastly painted. Should any issues occur at Container One we have an incredible warranty.

Shipping Container Varieties

Whilst most people are used to seeing either 20 foot or 40 foot shipping containers, as these are the models primarily used to fulfill freight needs, it's important to know that there is actually a much wider variety of shapes, sizes, and types of shipping containers out there. No matter what your shipping container needs are, there are containers out there for everybody!


You can purchase or rent shipping containers in a vast array of sizes. The smallest containers available are 10 foot ('foot' referring to the length of the container), and the largest are 53 foot. Between this, there is 20 foot, 40 foot and 40 foot high cube.

If you're using a cargo container for overseas shipping needs, you are usually required to have a 20 or 40 foot shipping container in order to ensure they can be stacked onto a ship cohesively. It's worth double checking any requirements of your freight shipping company prior to purchasing or renting a shipping container, just to be on the safe side.

Most shipping containers come in the standard height of 8'6", regardless of their length. Despite this, you can also purchase 'high cube' containers, which are 9'6". This is especially handy for if you need to fit a little more into your container without wanting to compromise on the length, or if you're using a container as a home or office space.

The good news for you is that at Container One, we offer free delivery on all models regardless of container size between 20 and 40 feet.

New vs Used

Both new and used shipping containers are available for purchase and rent. Many people who are using shipping containers as office containers or homes usually opt for a new one, simply because they are cleaner and more structurally sound, meaning their interior can be renovated more easily.


Surprisingly, you can get shipping containers in a variety of colors. If you're going for a used shipping container, you usually don't often have a choice unless you buy a specific container from eBay or somewhere similar.

At Container One, because you're purchasing a specific container (new or used), you cannot browse containers in your area based on color. This likely doesn't matter to you if you're just using it as a cargo container, but if you're looking for a container to use as a home or office space, it's perhaps something you ought to consider to make the project flush and aesthetically pleasing.

Shipping Containers for Home Storage

In recent years, shipping containers have become increasingly popular for home storage. Bigger than the traditional garden shed but cheaper than building a garage, they're all the rage for those looking for cheap and cheerful storage solutions.

Shipping Containers as Homes

Shipping containers, particularly high cube containers, make great homes. For those families who have always dreamed of building their own home but just don't quite have the funds for a traditional style home, or who are looking for that little bit of 'edge' in their home, storage containers offer a relatively inexpensive and innovative solution.

Storage containers can be used in a variety of ways to make homes. They can be stacked upon one another to create a larger house, or can even just be lived in singularly. With the concept of 'tiny homes' on the rise,  both due to environmental sustainability concerns and rising living costs, storage containers are perfect for those interested in this lifestyle.

Shipping Containers as Offices

In much the same vein as storage containers being used for houses, they're fast becoming a hot option for workplaces. Office containers are compact, which makes them easy to clean and keep organized, and easily customizable inside.

Considerably cheaper than building an office and much easier to expand, the humble storage container offers the perfect answer for those looking for a workplace to set up shop.

Shipping Containers as Sheds

As well as storage containers being used to build houses, they're also perfect for existing homes that find they need outdoor storage space. If you need something bigger than the average shed but don't want the investment and building permit complications of building something in your yard, 20 foot storage containers are a perfect choice.

They'll likely last for the majority of your life as they're sturdy, you usually get more space per dollar with storage containers than with traditional storage solutions such as sheds, and easy to acquire with our free delivery on all standard storage containers (20 and 40 foot).

How Much are Shipping Containers?

Shipping containers come in a range of prices dependent primarily on their size and condition. If you're looking to rent steel storage containers, perhaps consider shopping around, as Container One does not offer a rental service and there are a vast array of prices across the internet.

How much is a 20' shipping container?

On average, 20 foot containers for sale average at around $2000-$2200 on our website. A new 20 foot container costs around $3500. Bear in mind that ordering from us also guarantees you free delivery on a container such as this as well as the best warranty in the industry. 

How much is a 10' shipping container?

Unfortunately, we don't sell many of the 10 foot storage container types on our site; we usually only sell these in bulk. A 15 unit bulk order of these retails on our site for $53,820. Unfortunately this doesn't include free delivery due to the size of the container, however it does come with a 40 ft high cube container as well.

How to buy a Shipping Container?

At Container One, simply input your zip code, and instantly see results for new and used shipping containers for sale in your area! All of our shipping containers for sale come with free delivery, apart from 10 foot and 53 foot models. In these instances, pick up is usually available, or you can pay for the containers' delivery costs.

This method of buying is one of the easiest available, as it provides you with localized results, meaning we can easily offer free delivery. Many other companies will charge you for the delivery service, which adds a lot onto the final cost of a 20 foot container.

Final thoughts

Buying a storage container is a big investment, so you want to be sure you're making the right decision. Whether you're after a 20 or 40 foot container to fulfill your storage dreams, you're bound to find one suitable for you at Container One.

Overall, things to consider when purchasing a shipping container (especially for the home or office settings) are:

  • Size- do you need a standard size or something slightly bigger, such as a high cube container?
  • Delivery costs- are you willing to fork out for these, or would you rather opt for free delivery?

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