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20 ft Standard Cargo Worthy (20STCW) Shipping Container Angle View
Customer Pickup
20 ft Standard Cargo Worthy (20STCW) Shipping Container Dimensions & Specifications

20 ft Shipping Container Standard Cargo Worthy (20STCW)

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Cargo Worthy (CW) shipping containers are used and will have rust, minor dents, previous repairs AND will pass certification to be placed back on ship or train for international shipping.


Price includes our industry-leading 5-year structural guarantee in addition to our 1-year no-leak guarantee.


All prices also include delivery to the zip cope you specified.


Note - container shown in the pictures is an example of the container condition and rating we offer 


Due to Covid some deliveries may take longer, please contact your salesperson for more information. Average delivery timeline is 7-10 business days after we receive your payment. Delivery timelines may vary due to weather and a few other factors.


You'll have a chance to choose one of these delivery options in the cart page when ordering.


Roll Off - The container will arrive on a trailer that will tilt back and place the edge of the container on the ground. The trailer will pull away and allow the container to slide, or roll, off onto the ground.


Customer Assist - This requires the customer to have an anchor point on the delivery site. A chain can be attached to the container and then attached to the anchor point. The trailer will then pull away and the container will slide onto the ground.

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External Dimensions

Length: 20'
Width: 8'
Height: 8' 6"

Interior Dimensions

Length: 19′ 5″
Width: 7′ 8-⅛”
Height: 7′ 9-⅝”

Door Opening

Width: 7’ 8-½”
Height: 7’ 5-¾”