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ContainerOne Sales Rep - Hannah Ross

Hannah Ross is a sales Agent at ContainerOne who combines her love for sales along with her background and education in property management and property investment. Before getting in the container sales industry Hannah embraced her sports background and worked in sports sales and business development.  She developed an interest in property investment while working with her family business and expanded her investment in Container Homes. She is excited to combine her sales experience for all users a container can provide.

Hannah graduated from University of Wisconsin with a BA in Zoology and a BA in Leadership.  She also obtained a MS in Exercise Physiology from Midwestern State University.

Hannah is committed to providing the best customer service and experience to every customer.  She works with large corporations providing easy streamless monthly product orders down to single sale consumers. Hannah believes the customer comes first.

Hannah is from Pocatello, Idaho and currently resides in Utah. She is a former NCAA All-American D-1 and Olympic Qualifier swimmer and National Team/Pro Cyclist. She loves all things that consist of sports and outdoors. You can find her downhill, backcountry, or Nordic skiing in the winter to mtn biking, hiking, and surfing in the summer. When she is not playing in the mountains or ocean she is playing Handball with the USA National Handball team with goals of making the 2020 Olympic team.


Contact Info
Hannah Ross
Business: 330-286-0526 EXT 504
Cell: 330-286-0557
Email: hannah@containerone.net
Salt Lake City, UT 84124

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