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The Urban Rigger: Copenhagen’s Carbon-Neutral Shipping Container Housing

Student housing is a big issue. There seems never to be enough space for it, and the prices can be difficult for college students to afford on their budgets. To solve this series of problems associated with student housing, architects Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Sand came together with a solid plan and some upcycled shipping…

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This Beirut Nightclub Takes on a Chic Shipping Container Aesthetic

When it comes to chic nightclubs, shipping containers may not be the first things to come to mind, but this chic Lebanese club has gone above and beyond to provide exactly that aesthetic. Rabih Geha Architects put their minds to work and put together a beautiful shipping container-style nightclub on the waterfront right in the…

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Multi-Story Parking Garages Turned into Shipping Container Apartment Blocks

As the need for space and affordable housing continues to grow over the years, builders are looking up, building upwards, and utilizing all of the resources available to them. Shipping containers are becoming a valuable resource for innovative solutions to affordable housing around the world. This case is no different. Innovators are planning to upcycle…

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Shipping Container Hostel in Germany is Nautical and Amazing

Are you looking for a hospitable, nautical, shipping container hostel where you can rent a bed and have an amazing time in Germany? Well, look no further than this amazing and chic German hostel in the city of Warnemünde. Shipping container hotels and hostels are no new commodity in this day and age. By using…

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Moving Your Household Items in Shipping Containers

With so many shipping container architectural pieces and innovations, it’s easy to forget their primary function; shipping. Many people associate shipping containers with industrial shipping and large multinational corporations. Plenty of us don’t think of shipping in terms of moving household items from one home to another with shipping containers, but we very easily could.…

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The PV14 House is a Sight for Sore Eyes

2014 was an interesting year for architectural design and the construction of modern homes. The world of architecture clung heavily to the trends of passive homes, tranquility, and simplistic designs. Because of those trends and the designers looking to construct creative homes to suit the desires of potential homebuyers, innovation found its way onto the…

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Container Catering Coming Your Way?

The quest for compact, sustainable work environments has brought out the creativity in small business owners all around the world. We’ve seen mobile hotels, tiny homes, functional office spaces, and even sturdy greenhouses being made and operated out of shipping containers. There’s one container business venture that you may have never seen yet. Check out…

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Parkour Playgrounds: Shipping Containers for Extreme Parkour

When you think of shipping container yards, the first thing that comes to mind is almost certainly not parkour, but for many adventurous acrobats, container yards are the first things to come to mind. Parkour is a sport known for its long jumps, extreme heights, and daring acrobatics. While the sport has seen some decline…

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Containers for Housing Projects in Cairo, Egypt

Affordable housing remains a complicated global issue. Humanitarian efforts to provide safe, affordable housing have found clever ways to provide shelter and homes for those in need. One of the ways in which affordable homes and shelters can be implemented around the world is via durable and inexpensive materials such as shipping containers. Just such…

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Shipwrecked Containers Found on Dutch Islands

Several prospective treasure hunters seeking adventure and buried treasure looked no further than the little Dutch islands of Terschelling, Vlieland, Ameland, and Schiermonnikoog in the Netherlands. After an estimated 270 shipping containers were spilled from a cargo ship in the North Sea earlier this year, many scavengers, and some kind-hearted volunteers, made their way to…

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